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Below my surface

By dianharvey, Jun 9 2015 04:00PM

I weep

Below my surface, within the depth of my being

I weep

I weep for the girl I was, for the woman I became

I weep

As I connect with all of me

I weep.

I quell the tears as I close the lid, sealing the cracks

Below my surface, to the depth of my being, my pain returns

Now distant echoes whispering, whispering waiting to BOOM

I hold onto these echoes of mine. They belong to me

Without them I loose me.

As my echoes whisper, in this moment I hear what they say

My weakness is my strength

My despair is my wisdom

My echoes are my empathy

I weep.


Jun 19 2015 12:11AM by Usha

I so appreciate the depth of loneliness you have communicated here, and yet there is so much hope.

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